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Our SEO strategy is unique and proprietary, using a combination of established and emerging data that we use to great effect, even giving us the ability to utilize competitor leads.

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 Using In-Market SEO Audiences

-An example, a SEO keyword terms is "New York Hotel."

-Your SEO keyword and terms are served up to millions of hotel-seekers daily.

-These search term users fall broadly in two categories.

People who are planning their summer holidays, but won't book a room today. 

People who have researched online, booked flights, and are ready to schedule their vacation.

-Their search for "New York Hotels" seems no different than the crowds of less-qualified people on the

same term, 

however search engines can tell based on their past search and browsing history.

-Our carefully chosen audiences targeted a smaller share of keyword searchers, 

but they were 162% more likely to click on a relevant search ad and more than twice as likely to convert.

-So, In-Market Audiences can boost search campaign performance significantly.

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