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search engine optimization that targets
the needles, 
not the whole haystack.

Climate Media offers premiere proprietary technology that enables companies to become visible online, attract new customers, generate more leads and enjoy better sales results.

SEO: Headliner


On-site Strategy 
and Optimizations

To start the process we will conduct a thorough SEO audit.  Based on this, we will construct the Strategic Action Plan for your website. We find and select the most relevant and highest converting keywords and implement our proprietary technical optimizations.

High-Quality Content

Based on the chosen keywords, we’ll take care of implementing high-quality content and optimize verbiage on your website to correspond with the strategically selected keywords. This will increase your website’s online presence and attract new users.

Quality Link Building

As a part of the link building process, we will build a valuable backlink profile using links from a variety of proven and high-quality sources. This increases your domain authority in the Google crawlers’ perception.

Analytics and


We constantly monitor the impact of our SEO process on your website traffic and its conversion. You will receive comprehensive and accurate reports throughout the entire process. We use only proven analytical tools allowing us to conduct full SEO analysis and constantly optimize our actions to bring you better results.

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Our SEO process stands out in both the U.S. and international markets. Here are the elements that make our clients feel that they are in the best hands, seeing real effects


We specialize exclusively in long tail SEO. With that approach, we can bring you better results and directly influence the growth of your website and conversion rates.


At any time, you can monitor what SEO we are doing on your website. Each month you are provided with reports including the crucial data presented in a user-friendly format.

Direct Connection.

From the beginning you will be in close contact with dedicated SEO specialists assigned to your project, directly working on your website, and always ready to answer your questions.


We do not sign contracts for 12 or 24 months upfront. Instead, we go for the subscription model – if at any point you will not be satisfied with the effects you can cancel the contract within just 60 days.

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