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Corporate Billing Portal: Contact

By completing this online form, the customer authorizes regularly scheduled charges to their Credit/Debit Card.
The customer will be charged the amount indicated at checkout each billing period of thirty days using Square, Inc. 
The charge will appear on the customers or a chosen representatives Credit Card Statement.
The customer agrees that no prior- notification will be provided unless the date or amount changes, in which case The customer will receive notice from Climate Media company (dba i4Digital, LLC)) at least 7 days prior to the payment being collected.  In the event that the customer wishes to cancel their subscription, they should alert a senior member of Climate Media company (dba i4Digital, LLC)) in writing at least 30 days in advance of cancellation in order to avoid un-refundable billing for the undesired period.
The customer authorizes Climate Media (dba i4Digital, LLC) to charge it or a representative’s Credit Card every month. Who-so-ever completes this automatic billing form grants Climate Media (dba i4Digital, LLC) permission to debit their account on behalf of The customer for the amount stated, on or after the indicated date each month, every month.

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